#Millennials: 5 DATING TIPS WE CAN LEARN FROM MILLENNIALS  || Nothing is the same as it was, let’s say, 50 years ago. Fashion, music, the cinema – everything changed. Thanks to all the technological advances, there are better techniques in which we produce certain things such as songs or special effects in movies, but this technological tsunami affected our lives in other ways too – in ways we hadn’t known that it would be possible to. Namely, technology and the world we live in changed our way of dating and perceiving certain emotions and people. It’s due to this fact that the perception of family, emotions and relationships made an even bigger generation gap between millennials and past generations. Since we live in the world of millennials, it’s very important to respect their way of dating. But what kind of dating is it and what are its most important tips?

Feel comfortable with your sexuality

According to Jean Twenge, the author of the book Generation Me, the young women’s attitude towards sex has greatly changed in the last couple of years, giving them more space to embrace their sexuality and not be scared of the things they want. Women today are proud to say that they like sex and they’re not afraid to go for it, thus feeling quite comfortable, which was not the case in the past decades as it was considered quite radical. Moreover, the whole notion of the way millennials like sex is also very important. According to the already mentioned book, our bodies change as we grow older, and so do our sexual preferences. Because of that, it is very important to examine our body and see what pleases us the most, and not be scared to ask for it when the time comes. Feeling scared when you get attracted to the same sex is also something that millennials don’t tend to do, as a big percentage of them think sexuality is fluid and not a constant.

Online dating is one of the essentials

You’ve probably been around conflicts about the amount of time millennials and Y’s spend plugged in. However, as they do spend a lot of time on tablets and phones, it is quite logical that it is their dating scene, as well. Right now, there’s a higher possibility of finding a partner (or the person of your dreams if you wish) on one of the many dating apps for smartphones than by going out. Moreover, online dating does save a lot of time. Checking all the social networks of the person you’re currently dating online can really help you see if that person really is good for you or not. You can easily see their preferences, the things they like and the way they present themselves to the world, and if you don’t like what you see – you’ll definitely not go on an actual date, but continue your pursuit for the perfect date.

Forget about formal dates

Even though it would be quite nice to go out on a date as people did several decades ago, you know, dressing up, the guy picking up the girl, going out for a fancy dinner, maybe a bit of dancing afterwards, driving the girl home, praying to get a kiss on the cheek, we can forget about that, as these things rarely (if ever) happen nowadays. Millennials prefer “hanging out“ rather than going on formal dates, which is an excellent thing for letting the whole relationship derive from an actual friendship, as Kelly Campbell, a psychology professor at the California State University, says. On the plus side, this is how millennials get to save their money and work on developing a healthy future relationship.

Being single isn’t bad

As Twenge says in the aforementioned book (and is very evident), millennials tend to get married later than Baby Boomers. Because of this, there is no shame and there’s definitely less judgement for people who are not in relationships. Just think – how would a certain person feel in 1954 and 2018 for being single at the age of 26? Moreover, millennials need time to get through some of the basic stages. Getting over someone you never dated is one of them, since we all experienced this in a certain way; focusing more on our careers, and simply not wanting to settle down at an early age are just some of the reasons why many millennials (will) choose to say their vows after their 30s.

It’s never too late

Remember this sentence, as you might need it in the future. Never settle down only because it is the time to do so – that’s the motto of the most millennials. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s never too late for dating. The process of self-discovery should never end, regardless of the age. Our experiences change us, and will do so in the future as well. So whether they are in a relationship or not, millennials (generally speaking) always put themselves first, which indeed is quite a natural thing. We live only one life, and it is crucial to live it to the fullest and forget about the norms and age.



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