We decided to create our own list of some interesting people from Luxembourg that we think you should know. Some of them have been guests on our PEOPLE category (very soon) and others are just fascinating people we find.

The first set of 5 persons – in no particular order


Lynn was born in Luxembourg; it is a creative mind, dreamy and professional illustrator. Her lovely illustrations are handmade. In her site you can find 3 categories: DIY, My Journal & Freebies. We have made sure that you will fall in love with her work. – HERE

anna k.anna photos

Anna Katina is photographer and blogger based in Luxembourg and Brussels. She has a “je ne sais quoi” on her way of editing and shooting. Her photographs of weddings are lovely, and her blog is a good place to enjoy good images and wonderful lifestyle posts. – HERE


Anne, author of the blog “Anne’s Kitchen” was born in Luxembourg and currently lives in London. She loves to cook, is a journalist, and has already published two cookbooks. Her virtual window is delicious and it is not difficult to become obsessed with your content. You will find various tips on cooking and travel! – HERE


ORLA COLLECTIVE is an online magazine based in Luxembourg, in which they celebrate all natural things, delicious and eco-friendly. It is maintained by an active and inspired community, and its founders are the couple Linda and David. You need to visit to get to know a wonderful concept! – HERE


A French blogger based in Luxembourg. Cookerei is full of wonderful recipes with multi-cultural flavours. We have sure you’ll dive into delicious dishes and feel hungry. Enjoy! – HERE

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