#Beauty: 5 BATH BOMBS & BUBBLE BARS THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE THIS SEASON || In all honesty, the bath bombs are a must-have all year round, and fortunately Lush brings us a million options so we can dive in our tub with colorful waters. But in this special season we think we should do the Top products that you should really have so you can finish the year with a bang!

Also available in Portuguese (PT) 

MISTLETOE ⇒ Dive in purple waters, with a fragrance of jasmine, with a calming power… with or without company!

NORTHERN LIGHTS ⇒ Let’s continue with purple waters, but let’s add blue and yellow for an explosion of colors, in which jasmine is still the King. We suggest you watch this video so you can have a notion of the power of this bomb…

SANTASAURUS ⇒ Even the dinosaurs have entered the Christmas Spirit… Grrr! This reusable T-Rex is easy to make everybody smile! It has as a special ingredient, the oil of Brazilian orange.

JESTER ⇒ This jolly joker is full of spicy tangerine and Sicilian mandarin oils, to cheer the tub during some showers. You are the King or the Queen… have fun!

SNOWIE ⇒ A snow man that will make you feel the biggest star in the world! This product is going to burst in a thousand bubbles with a rose fragrance… be ready to shine with this vegan snow man!



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