#Shopping: 16 TULLE SKIRTS THAT YOU SHOULD THINK BUYING || It’s been over a decade since the popular Tv Series ‘Sex and the City’ ended, but still to this day, it-girls, bloggers, influencers and fashion lovers, find pure inspiration in one of the funniest Tv Series of all time! The tulle skirt is maybe the coolest piece, used more and more since then. It’s feminine, seductive and very versatile.

Also available in Portuguese (PT)


You can wear it a million different ways, from the classic style to the most dramatic! What do you think about adding a T-shirt and a biker jacket to a tulle skirt? Or a comfy knitted sweater and some sneakers?

There’s several ideas out there, now you just need the perfect skirt in your closet.

See the gallery to find the perfect skirt….   Run, Run!

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Cover image via The Atlantic Pacific

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